We live in the Information age, humanity does every day millions of photos, records million hours of video and does hundreds of millions of written words. Moreover, 90% of the world’s information was created in the last two years. This flood of data can be frightening, indeed it does. Such mass of information seems just noise but properly sort and connected is a complete portrait of what humanity is.  

Today, information is currency. We usually sell our bit of data in exchange of services and facilities, often without knowing its value. Really though, that information, as outliers, do not have much value. Only when that isolated information is paired with the rest when valuable information is created. In this space I will play with various data sets to try to answer questions and learn how to torture a dataset to confess us  curious, funny or hidden truths. This blog was created as an inspiration for similar projects and my goal is to have fun and  share my little analysis. 

thedataexplorer at gmail.com

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