I am Carles Corbi-Verge, a computational biologist conducting studies focused to develop new methodologies to discover oncology drugs. With past and ongoing breakthroughs in genomics and proteomics technologies, we are witnessing an unprecedented explosion in data generation. This development is an obvious boon for computational and theoretical researchers. For perhaps the first time in history, biology become “analysis-limited” rather than being “data-limited”. In other words, interpretation of available data, using computational tools become the limiting and the most important step.  Therefore, this scenario is not exclusive of bioscience, many fields are flood in data as never has seen before. Moreover, 90% of the world’s information was created in the last two years. This flood of data can be frightening, indeed it does. Such mass of information seems just noise but properly sorted and connected is a complete portrait of what humanity is.  Consequently, it is not a surprise all the attention put it on Data analyst and modern data mining technics as Machine learning, and especially deep learning.

I am a passionate of the data analyst, make data talk is it is one of the most satisfying experience I know. In this space, I will share my thought and a few analysts, mainly with dataset I have no opportunity to play within my research, as geolocalized datasets and Natural language processing models. Please feel free to contact or follow me.


thedataexplorer at gmail.com