Parking in Toronto, II

A part of when are issued the parking tickets, another very important aspect  is the where. On the Dataset provided by the city of Toronto, there are approximately 400000 addresses. This would mean about 25 tickets for location over the past 4 years. However, only 100,000 accumulates 98% of the total offences, actually 7,000 represents around the 60% of the total! Even more, the top ten locations accumulate nearly of the 2% of all tickets of the city. In the future I will talk about this kind of distributions where a few elements have the main weight of the population, a very common kind of distribution. Below,  you can see the  7,000 most ticket locations of Toronto during the last 4 years.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 23.45.24On over 6,000 of those locations, the average is a ticket or less per day. And in general the downtown shows a mayor density of hot locations, but surprisingly the 10 most ticketed address are not focus in the city center, and in fact are quite scattered around the map.
I checked the most ticket addresses and with a couple of exception most of them correspond to hospitals, university campuses and shop centres or malls. In the first position, very prominent, there is the Sunnybrook Hospital. This hospital, one of the largest in Canada, is very busy during the day. I can imagine that people generally underestimate the time it will spend in the hospital and perhaps how severe is the control of parking. However, the hospital has its own parking control staff. And they take their work very seriously, considering that the average is about 25 tickets a day. And like the Sunnybrook Hospital, the University have their own staff to control the parking, so there is no offence without punishment in the campus.

 Ranking Address Total Tickets
Ratio (%) Description
1 2075 BAYVIEW AVE 37399 0.3512 Sunnybrook hospital
2 20 EDWARD ST 25711 0.2414 World’s Biggest Book Store
3 1750 FINCH AVE E 19036 0.1787 Seneca College
4 JAMES ST 13108 0.1231 Eaton Center
5 941 PROGRESS AVE 12816 0.1203 Centennial College
6 700 LAWRENCE AV W 11497 0.1079 Lawrence Square Shopping Centre
7 1265 MILITARY TR 11129 0.1045 University of Toronto Scarborough Campus
8 225 KING ST W 10926 0.1026 Ticket King
9 60 BLOOR ST W 10300 0.0967 GAP
10 3401 DUFFERIN ST 9814 0.0921 Yorkdale Shopping Centre

Among all the top positions, one caught my attention , 20 Edward Street. The number of tickets on this location is not a joke, however, currently in this address there is only a condo under construction, that’s it. At the beginning I thought  that might be the source of all those tickets were the development, but a quick search of the address on internet finally I give me a better answered. In that location, until 2014 (the last year of the dataset), in 20 Edward Street were the World’s Biggest Book Store. Apparently it was quite popular, and judging by the type of fines accumulated – most were for being illegally parked (~% 50) followed by nonpayment parking (~ 20%), I can imagine the behaviour of the  drivers. They prefere to risk to get ticket instead to search for a spot to parking, or why pay, if only is going to be a minute.

Lately, and drive my small analysis over the parking dataset of Toronto, I have been paying more attention to the parking behaviour. Thus, I got the feeling that just a few people pay at the parking meter. This impression is corroborated by the dataset since more than 30% of all fines are city park without paying.

UPDATE: Talking about a co-worker I realize why the Lawrence Square Shopping Center is in the list. This Mall is next to a subway station and the 401 highway. So many drivers commuting to  Toronto to park here and take the subway to go to downtown. Apparently parking there is for free but with some limitations.


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